From small companies to large manufacturing facilities, access control systems can be an integral part of a business’s security systems. For smaller to medium sized companies, however, the set-up, hosting and management of an access control system can be intimidating.

Que ClearCom Security and Communication.

The Posed Question: Can an access control solution be cloud hosted? Can a company use a web-browser to administer said solution, with supporting mobile apps?

ClearCom Expert Answers: Often times a smaller corporation or business will not have the staff and resources to manage an onsite server running the access control software. The knowledge and staff required for this is simply not a viable option.

With the current ecosystem, many of the access control solutions offer a series of mobile access options, from browser to tablet to smartphone. An administrator can use any one of these devices to lock/unlock a door, view security footage, make company-wide announcements and more.

Nearly all of these systems can be setup for SaaS (Security as a Service), a subscription based option with the typical monthly per door pricing models. The software never needs updating, and the cloud hosts guarantees 99.9% uptime. The only thing the customer needs is internet access.

Another practical option are systems which run the server/database right on the controller at the site, eliminating the need for a server. These systems can be logged into with web-browsers and apps just like an off-site cloud-hosted solution, but they do not come with the recurring subscription based costs.

Ultimately, ClearCom works with the client to determine the system with the best fit, that leverages the security and safety feature set for the customer needs, at the budget they have.

Access Control systems are easily customizable and can be integrated with camera systems, intrusion systems, intercom systems, the cloud and more.

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