Security Guard vs. Monitored Video Surveillance

Security Guards Have Limitations, Monitored Video Surveillance Can Fill The Gaps

The security of your business is essential, and you want to make sure that you’re taking the proper steps to protect your employees, customers, and property. One option you may be considering is hiring a security guard. But is a security guard the best solution for your needs?

Weighing the pros and cons of security guards vs. monitored video surveillance systems will help you decide the best solution for your business.

So, what’s the best solution for your business? When it comes to security, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The best approach for your business will depend on your specific needs and budget.

Hiring security guards may be the best option if you need 24/7 security coverage and can afford it. But if you’re looking for comprehensive security coverage at a more affordable price, monitored video surveillance may be the best option.

Security guards are an important part of security, but they have limitations. Proactive video surveillance can help fill the gaps.

Here are some things to consider when making your decision.


Guard: Security guards can be expensive, especially if you need them for multiple shifts or locations. The average hourly cost for a single guard is between $22 to over $100 per hour and depends on your location. Factors like the job’s risk level or the guard’s experience could cause this to be higher.

Monitored Video: Monitored video surveillance systems can be a more cost-effective solution, especially if you already have security cameras installed. The cost of installing Blue Eye’s proactive video surveillance solution is much lower than hiring onsite security guards. In addition, using a system such as this allows you to gain more comprehensive coverage inside and outside your virtual perimeter.


Guard: A security guard can only be in one place at a time, so they may not be able to cover all the areas of your business that you want. Video surveillance systems can provide comprehensive coverage of your property.

Monitored Video: A monitored video system will provide proactive surveillance to all areas of your property simultaneously by using your existing or new video cameras. It can also cover a larger area than a security guard and be placed in strategic locations to provide the most comprehensive coverage possible.

Response Time:

Guard: A security guard may not be able to respond immediately to an incident, but a monitored video surveillance system can alert you and allow you to take action right away.

Video: By using a combination of AI software and the human response, we ensure that your property is never left unprotected.

Training and Experience:

Guard: Security guards need to be properly trained and licensed. They also need to have the right personality for the job. 

Video: Surveillance systems don’t require any training or licensing and can be operated by anyone. All Video Surveillance Technicians located at security centers are trained to the same standard across all our centers.

Deterrent Factor:

Guard: The visual aspect and physical presence of a security guard can deter some criminals.

Video: A monitored video surveillance system can be a more effective deterrent since potential criminals will know they’re being watched and recorded.

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