Cutting-Edge Commercial Intercom Technology

Create a safe and secure environment for your employees and customers with a custom-engineered commercial intercom system from ClearCom Inc.

A commercial intercom system allows you to communicate and grant access between multiple locations. These locations can be in the same building, campus, or worldwide. ClearCom Inc. is operating at the forefront of security intercom technology, providing and installing products from manufacturers like Aiphone, 2N, Axis, Zenitel, DoorKing, and Mircom. We are prepared to provide everything from simple door-answering units to sophisticated video entry security.

User-Friendly Monitoring

Intercoms often work in tandem with access controls, building security, and automation. We offer intercom systems that are able to be monitored from a centralized location, or remotely from any mobile device with a Wi-Fi or data connection.  This is perfect for mobile security personnel who are constantly on the move. ClearCom Inc. supplies a variety of  user friendly, interface fixtures with a range of mounting options. Depending on your needs, our fixtures can be flush, surface, or pole-mounted. ClearCom Inc. provides and installs safety and emergency stations that can be monitored from the same location as the rest of your intercom devices. In addition, we offer multi-device intercom and access units, for large, multi-tenant residential and commercial buildings.

Don’t take a chance with safety and security in your facility. Look to ClearCom Inc. to provide a quality, diverse line of security and emergency intercom systems to meet your unique requirements.

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