DAS Systems Boost the Cellular Coverage Inside Commercial Buildings

Another one of ClearCom’s services is Distributed Antenna Systems (also known as DAS.) This is commercial equipment that boosts cellular signal coverage inside of large buildings. It provides boosted reception and cellular coverage inside venues such as multi-story office buildings or hospitals, convention centers, and stadiums.

DAS systems are a network of antennas connected by copper or fiber-optic cables and linked to amplifiers that have a direct connection to either one or multiple wireless service providers.

By having direct access to a carrier’s core network, cellular devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops are not dependent on cell towers. Instead, they receive boosted signal from the DAS antenna systems broadcasting inside the building.

Whether you are looking to manage access of an entire campus, or monitor access of specific areas of a single building; let ClearCom Inc. provide the right solution to meet your needs.

Top benefits of a distributed antenna system installation

  • Increased bandwidth for faster cellular data speeds
  • Enhanced wireless coverage for many building designs and scenarios
  • Supports up to thousands of mobile devices & cell phones simultaneously
  • Automated monitoring systems maintain optimal performance and detect any problems
  • Reduces broadband Wi-Fi network strain & landline dependency
  • Scalable and upgradable for future-proof technology and expansion

With the majority of cell phone use being indoors and the rapid demand and growth of video, streaming real-time data, and other mobile essentials, DAS technology is the most powerful wireless solution for all enterprises and businesses.

The end result is simple. More productivity, efficiency, and seamless workflow. And the end of dropped calls, poor voice quality, stuck text messages, slow internet, and long loading screens.

If you would like to know how a cell phone signal booster can provide better signal for your business, contact ClearCom for a quote today. When your business depends on information to run, you can depend on ClearCom to help you succeed.

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