Fiber Optics Improves Communications

Your business requires a network that is as dynamic as you. Whether you are based in Southeastern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, or your clients are, ClearCom Inc. helps you move information through fiber optic cables to extend the reach of your network. No matter the size of your company, ClearCom Inc. has solutions to increase your data speed and overall productivity.

By using fiber optics, ClearCom Inc. improves information flow over large areas or multiple facilities because they can go beyond what copper wire can reach. If your business spans miles or even across the country, fiber optic systems are what you need.

Your network administrator can
choose from

  • Multimode
  • 50 micron
  • 62.5 micron
  • Armored Cable
  • Burial
  • Duct Packages
  • Single mode
  • OM1-OM5 for multi-mode
  • LC, ST, or SC connectors
  • All industry standard connects available

ClearCom Inc. can build a strong network cabling system to increase workflow by allowing your employees access to their computers from any location.

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