Access Control Camera Face Recognition/Temperature Indicator

Monitor access to restricted areas using temperature readings and facial recognition thanks to Bolide’s BN-2600ACTC access control camera. Thanks to its backlight management with its WDR and in conjunction with the Instant Face Recognition algorithm (500ms), you can have an accurate face reading and avoid false alarms. The camera will issue an audible alert if a person’s temperature is too high.


  • 100% no-contact
  • Body-temperature scanning: 30-45°C ± 0.3°C accuracy 
  • Quick and accurate facial recognition
  • User can be recognized while wearing a safety mask and detects users without a mask
  • Can be added to a door access control system
  • Can read faces in low- and bright-light situations
  • Register up to 22,400 faces in the database & log scans future review
  • Affordable and easy to deploy

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