Whether you manage a school, a doggy daycare, or a manufacturing facility, security is a top priority for keeping your employees and your assets safe. In the modern world of computers, mobile devices and the internet, the traditional lock and key security system is being updated and improved with reliable and secure access control systems and access control solutions.

Access control systems use advanced software and hardware paired with the latest in advanced authentication options. Security is right at your fingertips in the form of biometrics, smartcards, mobile applications and more.

Traditional security methods (locks and keys) come with a variety of downfalls. Key management, especially for a large facility, can be a nightmare.

  • Keys can be lost, duplicated or stolen.
  • Loss of a master key can lead to re-keying an entire location or multiple locations.
  • Accountability is hard to track and much less enforced.

Our access control systems offer Milwaukee companies and organizations more accountability, control and security. It takes a generic “turn the key and you are in” system and expands to give you a real (and trackable) sense of security. These systems help to increase security while lowering facility management issues.

Here are the 5 top reasons your business should update your company’s security from keys and locks to an access control system:

  1. Increased facility security. This system all but eliminates the need to manage a lock and key system. Access control gives you the ability to monitor your building, in real time, to monitor facility doors and access points.
  2. Audit trail. With trackable smart keys and/or biometrics, a company can monitor where employees/contractors/visitors are entering/exiting buildings, where and when a person enters a building or room, and even monitoring a guard walking around the building’s check points.
  3. Security of the credentials. Access control systems are hard to duplicate and each user can be assigned a unique ID, thus increasing accountability.
  4. Ability to secure your facility. Using access controls, a company can manage access easier for employees. Doors that might have been easily accessible before now are controlled and access monitored by the use of smart card or biometrics. This allows for a clear path to manage building access and funnel resources where they should be.
  5. Company lockdown ability. With access control systems, your company can issue a lockdown nearly instantaneously, for emergencies such as weather, active shooter or workplace violence. This can help mitigate and eliminate potential threats.

Access Control systems are easily customizable and can be integrated with camera systems, intrusion systems, intercom systems, the cloud and more.

For more information on how access control systems can work for you company or for information on other ClearCom Inc communication solutions, contact a member of our team today.

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