The Posed Question: Can access control systems be incorporated into existing building automation,  interfacing with existing lighting, alarms and video systems?

ClearCom Expert Answers: Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with technology. Building owners often find themselves “behind the curve” so to speak as it relates to the latest technological advances that their business would benefit from. Access control systems are constantly being updated and improved-upon.

ClearCom Security and Communications has the expertise to adapt new access control systems to existing automated lighting, alarms and video systems. Access control systems are, by definition, just I/O systems. They accept input and perform output operations based on pre-assigned rules.  Because of this, it is often easy to interface access control with other systems in a building. 



  • Say, for example, your business has an intrusion alarm that is interfaced with your access control system. If your intrusion alarm system is not disarmed, free access during normal morning business hours will be inhibited. None of your regular employees would have building access without setting off the alarms. In that scenario, the system would, however, allow designated managers building access to disarm the system. Your access control system can be programmed to arm or disarm the building alarm system, eliminating the need for daily management of those systems. 
  • A very common feature on modern access control systems is integration with the building’s video system. The two systems communicate and a client in the software can click on a “badge read event” in the log. The software is designed to automatically pull up the video clip of the person reading the badge reader and open the door. 
  • Another example would be a situation where a door is forced open on a perimeter warehouse. As the alarm occurs (or later upon review) the client can click on the alarm in the software and the system will bring up video from inside or outside of the building showing what occurred. This saves time for anyone doing an audit as they collect evidence and build a timeline of events.

Whether you are in the market for a cloud hosted system or prefer to prefer to have an on-site controller, ClearCom can design a system to meet your company’s unique requirement. We have the ability to set you up with a variety of access control options involving your browser, tablet and/or smartphone. Your designated administrator can be empowered to use any of these devices to remotely lock or unlock doors, view security footage, make announcements or interface with your automated lighting and access control systems.

Almost all of these systems can be designed as a subscription-based option called “Security as a Service” (SaaS), which are typically priced “per door”. Since SaaS is cloud-based, there is no downtime and the software never requires updating. All systems will be at your fingertips through your normal internet access.

Or, access control features can be operated through on-site servers, thus eliminating off-site servers.

Bottom line? ClearCom can design a system that addresses your needs within your budget. 

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